Introduction of company

Limited company called Kandela Group.

We are a trading company established in 2010.We aredeal with more than 70 products with an agricultural origin. At this time our primary focus is pure and natural bee honey.
We collect, manufacture and sell all types of Bulgarian, eco-produced honey.

In the beginning

We start with essential oils.

At first we started to deal with essential oils. Then we decided to expand our area of trade and began adding different types of product in our catalog such as: wild mushrooms, coriander seeds, wheat, barley, snails, sugar free products (cakes and cookies), honey, wine and other foods and beverages.


At present

Our main product is honey.

We are currently collecting honey from several small and medium sized producers with around 800-2000 beehives. We are dealing with more than 120 metric tons of honey per year. However, we can easily supply up to 400 metric tons if we encounter such demands.

The beehives are located in the most pure and natural eco-regions in Bulgaria.



Our Philosphy

The customer is the most important.

We will do everything possible to satisfy our client’s needs.

Sometimes we do the impossible ;-)

Our team

The staff in Kandela Group has over 10 years of experience in the field of international trading. Our employees are young, ambitious and highly educated professionals - trained to be creative and flexible so they will keep up the company’s high standards in trading and customer service.