• Honey in jars

    We can supply different sizes of glass jars. The standardsare: 250 gr., 500 gr, and 1 kg. There are options for sizes different than the standard available per request.

  • Label for jars

    We do private labels for our customers. Incooperation with a professional advertisement agency in Bulgaria, we have already done multiple labels for clients in Japan, Germany and USA.

  • Honey in sachets

    We can provide 2 types of honey in sachets:  in a plastic bag and orwrapped in plastic. Theyare in-between 12 and 18 gr. per piece.

  • Honey in plastic cans

    This is the most modern way of packaging honey,due to the fact that containers have a larger volume - around 2-10 kilograms each. Smaller sizes can also be supplied (250gr, 500gr, etc.).

  • Bulk honey

    The honey is in 200 liter steel drums. This means that there is about 290-300 kilograms of honey per drum. The drums are suitable for the food industry. They are thoroughly cleaned inside and out before being filled.

Safely repackaging

In order to preserve the high standard quality of thehoney, technologists working in our factories have developed a specialized program of warming honey fromproduction to packaging. This technologyminimizes honey degradation throughout the entire process.

Machinery in our factory

  • baths for melting honey
  • filters and screens
  • homogenizers
  • pumps
  • pipelines
  • platforms
  • switchboard
  • jar filling machines
  • and other


Storage in our warehouse

Our honey is stored in cool and dark place in awell-ventilated warehouse at temperatures of 5-10 ° C. Under these conditions the enzyme remains active and slows down the process of crystallization. The water content of honey should not exceed 17-18%. Otherwise, a fermentation process occurs. During storage, moisture in the room does not exceed 80%.