Quality control

Cheking quality.

To be completely sure that the honey we supply is purely natural, without added antibiotics or sugars – we hold a high standard in our laboratory analyses.  We make 4 different quality control samples to be sent to a laboratory in Germany. We are able to perform any other analysis per request.


We do a Chemical-physical analysis check for:

- Antibiotics, Sulfonamides, Trimethoprim, LC-MS/MS

- Proline

- Tradeanalysis, Moisture, HMF, Diastase, pH, Acidity, Honey-Directive

- Tetracyclines, Screeningmethod


Dr.Lüllmann - Quality Services International GmbH

For controlling the quality of our produce, we send samples to the German laboratory QSI. Before doing exports we send samples from the product that are ready to be sent to clients, do a quality check, send the results to the client and then proceed with the deal.

SGS - Bulgaria

 We are working with SGS Bulgaria. If a customer demands it - SGS can take samples from the lot that is ready to be sent and send them for analysis, although SGS Bulgaria uses the same laboratory as we do- QSI in Germany.



Quality Services International GmbH

QSI is the leading institute for quality analyses in Food, Honey & Drug.


SGS Bulgaria

Company declines provides leading services in inspection, verification, testing and certification - anywhere in the world.