The World’s Healthiest Bee Products

We are a trading company called Kandela Group Ltd established in 2010. We are acting in the field of agriculture's, food, feed and beverage products. We are dealing with more than 70 products.

On our web page you will find all you need to know about our bee products - honey, bee pollen and beeswax. We collect our honey from multiple small and medium sized bee-keeping establishments located in various eco-regions all over Bulgaria. We work with factories that homogenizeand remodel bee products with the latest technology in the country. All of our suppliers meet the necessary EU standards and regulations.

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Honey News

  • 07.12

    Our factory has updated some of its machines and production lines so that we can produce up to 40 MTS per lot of homogeneous honey!

  • 06.12

    The new season is open! We start collecting honey from rape acacia plants. Unfortunately, this May wasn’t that good for the bees because of torrential rains. Nevertheless, this will not affect production levelsthat much as to stop us from meeting our customer’s demands.